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Kirbyville Public Library

Library Cards

Library Cards

Patrons are required to obtain a library card to use library materials and facilities.

Adults age 18 years and older must:

  • Present photo identification
  • Complete application form
  • Agree to and sign User Policy Acknowledgement

By obtaining and signing for library card, patron is agreeing to adhere
to Policies, Rules, and Regulations of the Library.

To obtain a library card for a child ages 3-17 years old,
Parent/Guardian must:

  • Obtain own library card as stated above
  • Complete application form for child
  • Sign User Policy for child
  • Sign card Allowing or Not Allowing child to use computers/Internet

By obtaining and signing for library card for child, parent/guardian is agreeing to be responsible for their child(ren) and their activities in/of the library.

Library cards are required and must be presented in order to borrow materials.  Cards are issued to individuals and are not to be used by other family member or persons.  Cards may not be honored, and can be confiscated, if found to be used by someone other than the person named on the card.

If a library card is lost or stolen, it is the patron's repsonsibility to report it to library staff immediately.  Patrons are responsible for items checked out and fines incurred on their missing card or their minor child's missing card, until it is reported to library staff.  Patrons should never loan their card to others, if so, card will be considered lost or stolen and person listed on card is responsible for items checked out and fines incurred.

Report change of personal contact information to library staff immediately.

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We can help you with:
  • Voter Registration
  • Defensive Driving
  • Computer Access
  • Passports
  • Concealed Handgun Photos
  • History of Kirbyville Information
  • Study guides for ACT/SAT/ASVAB
  • TexShare Database can be accessed from your home or electronic device as long as you have log in information.  Kirbyville Public Library patrons have free access 
    • Home School Resources
    • Do It Yourself Resources
      • Craft and Hobbies
      • Small Engine Repair
      • and much more
    • Vocational License Test Preparation
      • LVN
      • Civil Service
      • CDL
      • Air Traffic Controller
      • and so much more